Why Direct Mail Is Still So Effective

Did you know… 98% of consumers open their mail the same day it is delivered. 77% of people immediately go through their mail, and 72% bring it in as soon as they can?

Even though we live in a digital age, direct mail marketing is still significant because it’s one of the best ways for brands to connect with customers face-to-face (and people still kinda like it)

Direct mailing has gained popularity in recent years as D2C brands invest in direct mail marketing. According to the ANA Response Rate Report, 2021, 17% of direct-to-consumer brands use direct mail to engage customers and increase sales. Additionally, 8% use this idea to generate leads, and 4% use it to improve brand recognition.

Direct mail marketing also allows businesses to reach consumers who would otherwise be difficult to reach, like those who do not have smartphones or are uncomfortable interacting with brands on those devices, as well as those who do not have cable TV subscriptions or internet access.

And, if you’re a customer-focused business looking to build a strong relationship with your customers, direct mail should undoubtedly be a part of your marketing strategy.

Here are some reasons why.

It’s ability to be Personalized

It is easy to believe that direct mail marketing is no longer relevant in today’s digital world. But guess what? It is.

An effective direct mail campaign goes far beyond simply mailing out catalogs; it’s an opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level.

To begin with, there is no better way to get someone’s attention than to mail them something useful, or something they find value in. Even if you get their attention for a few short seconds, it’s a much more personal approach than other ways of marketing.

Second, direct mail includes photos and special messages addressed directly to the recipient, making it even more exciting to open. You rarely get excited about opening an email, but if you receive a personalized envelope? That is a completely different matter.  Unless it’s someone trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.

Finally, direct mail enables you to showcase your brand in an unique way. Use it  to promote exciting stuff happening with your business like an upcoming event your sponsoring, sale or special promotion.

According to a USPS survey on direct mail, 67% of respondents think that direct mail has a more personal feel than then the internet.  Businesses can personalize their messages based on individual preferences and demographics which makes direct mail marketing is an extremely effective tool for reaching both new and existing customers.

Direct mail has higher response rates than digital channels.

It goes without saying that digital marketing is a powerful weapon and is here to stay.  It’s more effective, and its less expensive than other types of marketing. However, despite its effectiveness, direct mail still has some advantages over other online marketing methods.

The fact that direct mail marketing has higher response rates than digital channels is one of the primary reasons why it is still effective in the digital age. This means that direct mail can still provide more bang for your buck than other forms of advertising.

When it comes to persuasion, direct mail still reigns supreme over digital channels because it appeals to more of your senses including touch and even smell.

Which makes it easier for your brain to remember vs. digital media because you’re using more senses to interact with it.   This alone makes people remember your brand much easier and requires 21% less cognitive processing time.

In addition, 26% of the 2000 consumers polled for a recent LoopMe report say that direct mail helps them make the best purchases. This indicates that using direct mail is more economical than using digital channels like email or even social media.

Direct mail can be creative and memorable.

It’s likely that you’ve heard in the past that direct mail marketing is obsolete. But the truth is, it’s not really an “either or” choice anymore.  They both have pro’s and cons.

Direct mail is still a viable option even if digital marketing has become the preferred way to reach potential customers for a number of reasons.

For one thing, direct mail can be more memorable than digital marketing. When a business sends an email, it competes with other emails in your inbox, social media notifications, and SMS Text promotions. In this crowded environment, it’s challenging for your message to be heard.

On the other hand, direct mail usually has a more intimate feel to it. Because in today’s crazy paced world someone took the time to personally address and prepare an envelope to send to you.  Now I realize we live in a world of automation (even addressing and stuffing envelopes) but there’s a human touch element to direct mail that feels more meaningful than an email solicitation or online ad.

Last but certainly not least, direct mail offers creative opportunities that digital platforms simply cannot match, whether it be through clever copywriting or unique packaging (like a gift box). or “Lumpy Mail” These characteristics make your message distinctive and memorable, which greatly contributes to establishing rapport with potential clients.

If you haven’t done direct marketing before – there’s no better time to start!  You’ll increase your brand awareness and reach eager new customers who never knew you existed – which was the whole idea in the first place!

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