Five Ways to Fuel Your Local Business with YouTube

Raise your glass to the game-changer in town, YouTube. With more than 2 billion users, YouTube is no longer just the “go-to” for cat videos and how-tos on removing nail polish from your carpet. It’s a dynamite tool that, if used correctly, can skyrocket your local business sales. Yeah, you heard right. It’s time to stop only watching and start generating some real dollar-dollar bills, y’all.

  1. Get Hyperlocal with your SEO 

Ah, SEO. Those three letters that have business owners everywhere screaming into their pillows at night. But let me let you in on a little secret. YouTube and Google are tighter than hipster jeans. Meaning, videos can rank higher on Google searches than standard webpages.

Let’s stop right there because this is where it gets really good. You can take advantage of this bromance by targeting SEO keywords that are relevant to your local market. Think, “best pizza in downtown Chicago” or “affordable roof repairs in Austin”. Your move here is to create videos that incorporate these local keywords. But don’t stop at the video title. Sneak them into the description, tags, and even the script of your video. That’s what I call, a local SEO love fest.

  1. Feature your Business with Video Tours

Remember when you could only see a business in person or by gazing at some lackluster photos? Well, welcome to 2023, folks. It’s time to treat your audience to a real-life experience of your business through video tours. Take them on a journey through your restaurant, shop, or office using YouTube. The smell of fresh coffee and pastries in your café, the vibrant ambiance of your salon, or even the behind-the-scenes of your daily operations. Nothing says “we’re the real deal” more than an immersive look into your world.

  1. Drive Engagement with YouTube Shorts

In a world where the average human attention span is lower than a goldfish’s (no, we’re not joking), YouTube Shorts are your quick-fire solution to deliver engaging, bite-sized content to your audience. Think of Shorts as your quick-hit way to showcase your business.

Consider running a mini-series around your local area, like “Boston’s Hidden Eateries” or “Quick Fitness Tips for New Yorkers”. Engage with your local community by showcasing local events, highlights, or news. Also, sprinkle your Shorts with compelling call-to-actions to drive viewers to your main channel or store.

  1. Geo-Target your Video Ads  

If you’re not using video ads, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. YouTube’s advertising platform allows you to directly target viewers in your area, this is a goldmine.

You can run ads that are specifically designed for your local market and make sure they’re seen by people within a certain radius of your business. Here’s the kicker: combine this with the SEO strategy mentioned earlier, and you’ve got a one-two punch that even Mike Tyson would be proud of.

  1. Create Problem-Solving Local Content  

People are always looking for solutions to their problems. That’s a fact. Be the local hero by providing answers to commonly asked questions in your industry or community. Are you a mechanic in Seattle? How about a video on “Preparing your Car for Seattle’s Rainy Season”?

If you can become the go-to local expert, customers will not only remember you, they will recommend you. Word of mouth is still a thing in 2023, believe it or not.

So, there you have it. Five surefire strategies to supercharge your local lead generation on YouTube. So stop ignoring this video juggernaut and remember – YouTube isn’t just a platform for entertainment, it’s a powerful tool that can help you connect with your local audience on a deeper level. It’s time to hit that record button and start seeing the benefits for your local business.

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